Metamorphosis is a project by photographer Malcolm Linton about the last days of the one of the world’s oldest and largest guerrilla movements, the FARC in Colombia, South America.

Linton began photographing the guerrillas in the jungle shortly before a ceasefire with the government in June, 2016 and followed them for two years as the country’s peace process unfolded.

In 2019 the photographs were published as a book, Metamorphosis: Guerrillas In Search of Peace, by Villegas Editores.

Without defending the FARC’s actions or ideology, the book challenges decades of demonization of the guerrillas by successive governments and the mainstream media. It shows them as people.

The FARC signed a peace treaty with the government at the end of 2016 and demobilized the next year, relaunching itself as a political party.

The treaty came under attack from a new administration that took office in 2017. Hundreds of former FARC fighters have returned to the jungle, disillusioned with the government’s lack of compliance.